Saturday, January 29, 2011



I couldn't put this book down-- and think every adult should read it.  If you don't know much about sex slavery and it's modern day presence, this book will open your eyes. At the risk of sounding preachy, I have to say that I really believe that as American Christians we need to do a better job of stepping out of our zones of comfort and complacency to minister to the poorest and most helpless among us.  I think we (myself included!) get so wrapped up in our own lives that we become blind to the evil that is going on in our world.  All the while, there are orphans and children enslaved that are waiting and longing to be rescued from the hell on earth they are experiencing.

Yesterday, my youngest daughter, Siena, was sick with the flu.  She was not herself and was attached to me the entire day.  All she wanted was for me to hold her and comfort her through the yuckiness she was feeling.  At one point while I was holding her, it dawned on me that there are children just like her all over the world who feel worse than she does for longer periods of time, but there's no one holding them.  I mourn for these children.  I mourn for the girls like those in this book who are forced to do unspeakable things for someone else's profit while too many people turn a blind eye.
As followers of Christ, we are the answer!  We have to be brave enough to ask God what He wants us to do about these issues.  We have to care.  If not us, then who?

At the end of this book there was a link to a website,,  that allows you to take a personality profile for free to find out if you are a prevention, intervention or restoration personality.  Your profile will come up right away, and it gives you practical suggestions of how your specific personality might best engage in justice issues.

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