Sunday, November 21, 2010

TV Interview

One of my prayers and deepest heart's desires through this whole adoption process is that we will continue to advocate for the Fatherless and inspire families to adopt children.  My prayer is that other people will look at Lincoln, our little ambassador, and be motivated to pray about what they can do to take care of orphans.  I also pray that others will look at us and say "If they can do this while raising a family on a teacher's salary, then we can overcome the financial obstacles and do this too."  Image my surprise when God dropped an opportunity in our lap to be interviewed by the local news about our adoption and how we're financing it!  I can feel His hand upon me and know that He is working mightily on behalf of His children.  I'm so humbled that He chose me, someone weak and unworthy apart from Him, to be a part of the work that ultimately HE is doing on behalf of these precious children who belong to Him.  I believe that YOU are God's plan for the orphan as well.  What part will you play in helping to take care of these 147 million?

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