Monday, November 1, 2010

Adoption Journey

Since high school, I've known that I wanted to adopt children.  Since before then, I've known that my life would be dedicated to working with children.  And so it's been--babysitting, volunteering with sunday school, being a "Big Sister" with the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program, becoming a reading partner, volunteering with children of domestically abused women, being the assistant program director at a summer camp, going through five and a half years of schooling to get my elementary education degree, volunteering with children of mothers overcoming addictions, substitute teaching, sponsoring children in Africa through World Vision, teaching 4th grade in a predominately hispanic community, looking at orphan ministries online during my college years wondering how I would someday be connected with them, and praying that God would use me to do something big. 

God put a fire in my heart for the Fatherless a long time ago, and boy have I been eager to see those prayers come to fruition.  Before becoming pregnant with each of our girls, my husband and I prayed about adopting and we felt that the time hadn't quite come.  Now, after over a decade of prayer and longing, he's given us the green light to adopt a baby boy from Ethiopia.  Wow.  He's so faithfully been working in our hearts and lives to prepare us for "such a time as this."  Makes me want to raise my hands in worship every time I think about it.  And I feel like the journey is just beginning....

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